ENPRA member area: research teams, advisory panel & FP7 associates

Under the Member Area menu tab, pages and other menu items give access to a working area for ENPRA Project Team Members. This includes all those working on ENPRA Work Packages, Advisory Panel members, and others from associated FP7 projects.

Only registered Project Team Members will be able to see and access these items, after logging-in with a username and password. Register here or login-here.

The members area has pages with more detailed information about the project and its plans, and can be used for the sharing and exchange of information and documents between ENPRA participants and the teams working on the seven ENPRA Work Packages.

It is intended that this resource will grow as the project progresses. It will include items like:

  • Project plans and timetables
  • Forms and documentation for project management
  • Scientific project description of work and protocols
  • Individual work package and project-wide information, documents, discussions, wikis, etc

We aim to make this resource available not just for the formal management of the project but also to allow ENPRA project members to contact and inform other members on an ongoing basis. This could be to register and circulate project documentation, such as protocols, or maybe to suggest and discuss a new approach or a modification to a planned experiment on ENP, for example.

Later in the project we will add pages as a focal points for the collection and distribution of data and the results generated by the study.

You are encouraged to make use of these Project Member pages for sharing information and data, documents, ideas, and discussions. We can provide discussion forums or wikis for example; these can be arranged project- wide or within work packages. Let us know what you would like to see and to use. You are free to suggest information or facilities that you think could be improved or added to the site. You can use this feedback form to make your comments or suggestions and they will be e-mailed to the site administrator.

For wider dissemination purposes, selected articles, summaries, extracts, etc can be made openly available at the open-to-public level of the website.


Project activity

The sixth meeting of the European Observatory on NanoSafety (EONS) took place in Paris on 24 May 2012

The proceedings of this meeting have been summarised in the sixth 'European Observtory on Nano Safety' (EONS) report, and an excerpt is available on the Home page. The main report is available exclusively to ENPRA members in the member area of the website. Visit the WP7 section for access.  


Website & Newsletter

Providing general information on the project and its progress, and links to related areas.

Registered members of can access further information, with private areas for Project Team information and collaboration, eg project plans, progress reports, protocols, discussion forums, project Wiki etc.

The site provides a resource for ENPRA project team members and other interested parties. We welcome any useful content - please submit any items such as events and links, or other ENPRA related items of interest via our feedback form.

Non project team members can still register for future updates and occasional ENPRA newsletters.

The fifth ENPRA newsletter is available to download now - click here for access. 


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