Registering on the ENPRA website

Registering on the ENPRA site requires some basic information about you and your role in ENPRA.

To be able to access the pages under Member Area, be sure to specify that you are a Project Workpackage Team Member, an Advisory Panel member, or a member of a related FP7 project when entering your details in the registration panel below.

Once approved, your registration will give you to access the site at one of three levels:

  1. Public Registration:  this allows access to all of the public areas of the website, and some extended areas that will contain project news and reports, as they become available. We may contact you occasionally via e-mail to send you newsletters or other project information and updates from time to time.
  2. Advisory Panel and Related FP7 Project Member Registration: Limited access to ENPRA Project Members area and Work Package areas.
  3. ENPRA Team Member Registration: Full access to Project and relevant Workpackage areas.
    This will give access to all areas of the website for information sharing and collaboration. 

On registration you will be sent a confirmation e-mail. Your details will only be used for the purposes of the ENPRA project and will not be shared with any other party.


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User Registration
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